Tropical offers a wide variety of Pest Control and Fertilization services to meet the needs and budget of both Commercial and Residential clients. Our staff of technicians are trained, certified and appropriately licensed to properly treat the unique pest and fertilization challenges faced along the Treasure Coast.


Florida’s climate can be hard on your lawn and landscape which makes managing it a difficult task. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep a lawn healthy and strong so that it can survive such harsh elements  as heat, insects, disease and weeds.  Mowing, trimming and watering are all necessary measures to take to reduce the risk of damage, but it is extremely beneficial to include a regular program of fertilizer applications. as well as timely treatments of insecticides and fungicide.  Tropical Lawn and Pest Management is licensed and trained to provide these services in a professional manner, and is certified in accordance to the Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices to reduce the impact on the environment.  Our lawn service includes six fertilizations (three granular and three liquid) annually.  Lawn service also covers lawn damaging insects (chinch bugs and sod web worms), fire ants, treatment of lawn fungus, and broad leaf weeds.

We also offer shrub service which includes two granular fertilizations annually, and covers shrub damaging insects (aphids, mealy bugs, lace bugs, scale), as well as palms service which includes quarterly granular fertilization.


Our pest control programs focus on the exterior and perimeter of your home.  Quarterly treatments based on the changing seasons using the most effective methods and materials to combat your pest issues are used.